[Manas]: "Weaving nets" in the field creates a "favorable time and favorable place" for harvest

June 17, 2024

Latest company news about [Manas]: "Weaving nets" in the field creates a "favorable time and favorable place" for harvest

 Spring and summer long, agriculture for the first line. This year, Manas County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, through the establishment of a dynamic monitoring and management application system integrating sky and earth, to achieve agricultural fine management, improve the output and quality of agricultural products, is expected to reduce agricultural inputs and labor costs of about 60 million yuan throughout the year, and achieve an agricultural increase of 5% per mu.

Field management is busy season, Manas County Guangfeng village, Guangdong Township field of cotton seedling green. "Cotton seedling growth is too prosperous, leaf thrips, mirids bite marks, please timely plant protection operations!" Guangfeng village villager Xu Rongwen received a cotton pest warning phone, he immediately rushed to the cotton field.

Then came the Xinjiang XLX Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. agronomist Zhang Baoshuai, he and Xu Rongwen into the cotton field, saw the growth scale inserted in the soil showed that the height of the cotton seedling has reached 24 centimeters.


latest company news about [Manas]: "Weaving nets" in the field creates a "favorable time and favorable place" for harvest  0


Xinjiang XLX Energy and Chemical Co., LTD. Agronomist Zhang Baoshuai (first right) to Guangfeng village villager Xu Rongwen introduced cotton seedling monitoring situation (photo by Wang Wei)


"Five days ago, we found an anomaly in this cotton field through satellite observation, put a growth scale in the cotton field, and observed that the cotton seedlings are growing at a rate of 1 centimeter per day." The daily growth of cotton seedlings during the seedling period should not exceed 0.5 cm, otherwise it is easy to occur the phenomenon of tall cotton." Zhang Baoshuai suggested that chemical control of cotton should be carried out with chemical growth regulators such as knotylamine in time.


Next, Zhang Baoshuai opened the XLX farmland App on the tablet computer, and had a panoramic view of soil moisture, seedling and insect pests in the farmland. After he selected the map of the village plot, it was clear which crops grew well and how fertile the plot was.


"As can be seen from the picture, there are still slight diseases and pests in this cotton field. After field observation, there are indeed bite marks on the leaves, so we should immediately apply medicine to prevent pests." Zhang Baoshuai explained to Xu Rongwen that through observation, the moisture content of cotton seedlings was high, and it was recommended that the water be poured all over the head in early June.


"Relying on a map of modern agricultural information, farmers have a 'field nanny', which is my biggest confidence." Xu Rongwen said with emotion.


Seemingly quiet farmland, used to monitor weather, insect situation, soil moisture, a number of Internet of things facilities are "each show their skills." "For example, the instrument in the pest monitoring station can not only trap the surrounding pests through lights, but also send the data collected every day to the background, and we can provide relevant recommendations based on the data." Lyu Xiaoqing, director of the Manas County Agricultural and animal Husbandry Technology Extension Center, pointed to the remote pest monitoring and reporting system instrument.


A large number of sensors and intelligent equipment have built a precision agricultural monitoring system that integrates sky and ground, weaving a multi-level, three-dimensional, multi-angle, all-weather sky and ground integration digital network on the fields of Manas County.


This "network" integrates satellite remote sensing and telemetry, water and fertilizer integration, four-situation monitoring, Manas smart agriculture big data platform, and Huifeng App use, forming a sky and ground integrated data acquisition capability, providing scientific decision-making suggestions for efficient agricultural production.


"Smart agriculture is quietly changing the way people farm." Lu Xiaoqing said that to create a digital agricultural big data platform, to provide pest monitoring, soil moisture monitoring, weather monitoring, growth monitoring "four feelings", from buried in farming to see the map management land, farming is becoming a fine work.


Digitization of farmland management helps modern agriculture develop in scale. At present, in Manas County, wheat, cotton, corn and other crops basic data collection and aggregation system has been basically completed, the sky and ground integrated agricultural monitoring network and the construction of big data of the whole industrial chain of important agricultural products have been steadily promoted, and the smart agricultural service system and farmer credit system have been deepened to promote more accurate and efficient agricultural production.


From "relying on experience" to "relying on data", scientific and technological innovation has provided a strong guarantee for agricultural production, and science and technology is becoming a key factor in the development of Manas agriculture.


Article source: CNR client